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Pick your Favorite Topic for an Argumentative Essay - Guide



The hardest part of writing an essay is to pick a topic to get started. There are literally so many ideas out there that it becomes impossible to choose.

Well, I would like to tell you that you are not alone in this mess.

This happens to everyone. Especially when we are looking at argumentative essay topics. They are tough to choose and it is even tougher to decide what to essay writer on them.

And this is exactly why I have selected the best topics for you so you can choose from the top ones.

So, here are the best ones.


Top 50 Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students


Topic #1: Is Fashion Truly Important?

This is a super fun topic that lets you explore a common idea in a unique way.

Ask yourself this, is the importance of fashion overstated? What happens if a person is not fashionable? Also, what’s the WORSE that can happen if a person is not fashionable?

Remember, we are wondering if fashion is important. We aren’t focusing on whether it's necessary.


Topic #2: Was Life Better/Easier a Few Hundred Years Ago?

Fun fact about me! I used to get my cousin to write my essay when I was young so that I could know how professionals write and this is the first topic I gave her.

I thought this would be fun to think about how life used to be back then and wonder if it was perhaps simpler. Less complicated and rushed.


Topic #3: Is Democracy the Best System of Governance?

So, this is a controversial one which makes it so much fun.

I mean, look at the world around us. We have so many problems when the world is mostly democratic.

So, is this the best system? Does it need changes? Is there another system that can do better? Best start thinking.


Topic #4: Does Social Media Make Us Lonely?

I know, I know. You are probably like no way.

But think about it. We go on Instagram and see pictures of people hanging out. Don’t we feel lonely then? If you need help to write my paper you should hire professional writer.

We talk to our friends daily but we don’t even look at our family who is sitting right next to us. Wouldn’t they feel lonely then?


Topic #5: Has Technology Made Humans Idle?

There is no doubt in the fact that technology has made so many things easier.

But has it also made us lazy?

We sit in one place all day and barely move around. We don’t exercise, we don’t do any physical activity.

Even household chores are done by things like a vacuum or a washing machine. So, what is it then: easy or lazy? Or both?


Topic #6: Can Beauty Pageants Have an Effect on Our Moral Values?

We see all these shows that show us how we are supposed to look and how we are supposed to be dressed.

It creates an image of this perfect model in our heads. Blonde. Blue-eyed. Fair. Skinny.

But isn’t it wrong to think that everyone should look like that?


Topic #7: Should Schools Teach Housekeeping?

Housekeeping is most certainly an important skill that many of us do not have. Why?

Well, we are so busy with our schools, colleges, and jobs this takes the back burner so for our assignment we can hire paper writing service.

But, shouldn’t we know how to manage our homes? What better way to teach this than through schools?


Like these topics?

Well, then, why don’t you get started with that essay of yours? And if you need a jumpstart then contact an essay writing service to save yourself plenty of time. You will get an A grade essay that you can use as a sample to write one for yourself.

You can spend the time you save on other important stuff instead of blindly searching the internet.

So, get started.


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